Written by Marc C. Pietrek 2017

05/04/2017 VITRIOL, INC – A DARK UNITED FRONT ( has filed the following report:  Thrash metal die-hards and purists from its golden age who have not yet already done so will want to take notice and pronto!! UNCIVIL WAR (Scott Owen – guitarist/vocals, Joe Cangelosi – drums, Rich Day – bass), the grizzled vets who’s roots trace back to the early 1980s California and New York thrash metal and cross-over scenes, are nearing completion of their debut demo sometime in the very near future TBD. Scott Owen posted on his Facebook page the following message on 05/02/2017:

“Holy s66t guitar tracks sounding fat. Thursday 2nd and 3rd rhythm tracks leads. Video and sound bites coming. The sound is truly amazing and hearing Joe Cangelosi’s drum tracks loud and pounding is incredible. I don’t know if I will be able to sleep tonight”.

I recently spoke with Joe Cangelosi, who had this to say:

“We feel that it is time to deliver some fresh, new old-school thrash metal the way we only know how”…..”We hope this will be a breath of fresh air returning to our roots and the essence of who we are and where we come from”.

Joe provided some video footage of him laying down some depth-charge drum beats for the upcoming release on the official UNCIVIL WAR Facebook band page on 04/13/2017 and 04/15, 2017:

The band has some serious linkage to the thrash metal glory days, with the individuals being former (and current) members of ELIMINATE, HIRAX, WHIPLASH, KREATOR, PRIMAL SCREAM, SUBVERSION A.D. and BROOKLYN MILLITIA. Already confirmed a roster spot on the upcoming ‘Metal On Metal Vol. 1’ compilation (scheduled for 08/2017 release) on the newly-formed TRIPSQUAD RECORDS label ( ), this hard-charging unit has been laying down their collective tracks with the mindset and determination of a lean, mean wolverine . Need proof? Do the terms, “self-financed”, “newly married”, ”first-time grandparent” and “allotted time”, grab your attention? I thought so. The enthusiasm that this group of seasoned musicians has for creating viable, original music together in an expedited manner is truly refreshing. Visit their official Facebook page, , and you will know how obvious that is. Cheers, ya rivet-heads!!









Author: Marc Pietrek

I grew up in northern California during the 1980s and have been an AVID heavy metal fan since 1982. Having experienced the Bay Area thrash metal scene first hand, thrash metal will always be at my core, However, I am also a huge fan of death metal, doom metal, traditional heavy metal, stoner rock/metal and old-school black metal. If it concerns any of those sub-genres, (to borrow a quote from Christopher Walken in 'THE KING OF NEW YORK') "I want in on it!!". Cheers, ya rivet-heads!!

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