THE METAL WIRE: SLEEP Drops ‘The Sciences’ Today Via Digital Download; Exclusive Quotes from Guitarist MATT PIKE

THE METAL WIRE: SLEEP Drops ‘The Sciences’ Today Via Digital Download; Exclusive Quotes from Guitarist Matt PIKE 

Written by Marc C. Pietrek 2018 




[Marc C. Pietrek filed the following report for VITRIOL, INC / A DARK UNITED FRONT  (  on 04/2/0/2018 at 09:36AM EST] Northern California doom/stoner metal legends, SLEEP, have just released ‘The Sciences’ [2018 THIRD MAN RECORDS] on digital download via Apple iTunes. It is the first album for the re-united band since ‘Dopsesmoker’ [2003 TEE PEE RECORDS; 2012 SOUTHERNLORD RECORDS]. It is also the first album to feature NEUROSIS drummer, Jason Roeder. A link to the download on the Apple Music Preview page is listed directly below. 

I interviewed the hardest working guy in metal (actually, he shares that title with his friend, Gary Holt, of EXODUS and SLAYER ha ha), guitarist Matt Pike (also of HIGH ON FIRE) over the telephone on 04/14/2018. The full-length print interview will be posted up on this site on 05/06/2018. Here are a few excerpts from the interview: 

On the upcoming release of ‘The Sciences’:  

Matt Pike: “…It’s dropping silently on four-twenty. There are no ads. We’re just dropping it digitally silently and there’s a limited edition that’s going to be out in record stores.  By the time you read this, everybody will have fuckin’ known about this. The month after that, the actual vinyl itself and regular album, but we’re dropping it digitally on four-twenty”. 

On the topic of the album itself: 

Matt Pike:  “It’s a fucking amazing album! It was a lot of fun to make. Yeah, I just can’t say enough how blessed I am. The two different rhythm sections I have are the best guys in the world! It’s like, ‘Holy fuck, dude!’ I’m really lucky to be able to detail what all those dudes do”. 

On the addition of drummer Jason Roeder into the band after original drummer, Chris Hakius, decided against continuing with the band following a series of successful reunion shows:  

Matt Pike: “I was like, ‘Oh my God! Jason wants to play with SLEEP?! FUCK!’ And actually, that turned out to be the fucking best thing ever. He’s fucking amazing, dude! I love that guy! I love his dry sense of humor. I love his drumming. He’s a total animal. That guy’s such a powerhouse. He’s such a great experimental drummer. It’s good for SLEEP. As methodical as it is, there’s not one show that is the same. We improv the fucking timing of it. It’s kind of weird, but somehow we pull that off”. 

All right, ya rivet-heads!! This. Is. Huge…HUGE!! In following the BLACK SABBATH blue-print much like fellow stoned doomsters TROUBLE, CATHEDRAL, PENTAGRAM and KYUSS, SLEEP developed their own unique twisted Hell summoning sound. ‘SLEEP’S HOLY MOUNTAIN’ [1993 EARACHE RECORDS] has served as a template to many of doom/stoner metal’s best bands, from Massachusetts’s BLACK PYRMAID to Texas’ WO FAT. The buzz on the street ”Dopesmoker’ was incredibly loud for over half a decade after they initially began recording the album. Unfortunately, the band was no more and Matt was already fronting HIGH ON FIRE and bassist Al Cisneros drummer Chris Hakius were in OM.  Yet the buzz still remained consistently loud.  

When they decided to reform for a series of shows at All Tomorrow’s Parties music festival in the UK in May of 2009, word about the shows was incendiary. Since the band released the single, (the crushing!)  “The Clarity” [2014Williams Street Records], the excitement for a new album has gotten fiercely ratcheted-up. And now it’s here finally here. So, yeah. THIS. IS. HUGE!! 

Be sure to stop by SLEEP’s official Facebook page, as well as checking out the video links below. Cheers, ya rivet-heads!!

Sleep – Sleep’s Holy Mountain – Full Album

Sleep – Dopesmoker

SLEEP live at Hellfest 2013

SLEEP live at Regency Ballroom, Mar 4th, 2016 (FULL SET)











Author: Marc Pietrek

I grew up in northern California during the 1980s and have been an AVID heavy metal fan since 1982. Having experienced the Bay Area thrash metal scene first hand, thrash metal will always be at my core, However, I am also a huge fan of death metal, doom metal, traditional heavy metal, stoner rock/metal and old-school black metal. If it concerns any of those sub-genres, (to borrow a quote from Christopher Walken in 'THE KING OF NEW YORK') "I want in on it!!". Cheers, ya rivet-heads!!

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