THE METAL WIRE: *** SHOW REVIEW *** KREATOR & OBITUARY Live @ CLUB RED, Mesa, Arizona 03/24/2017 (Fan-Shot Video; Soundboard Vantage Point)

THE METAL WIRE: *** SHOW REVIEW *** KREATOR & OBITUARY Live @ CLUB RED, Mesa, Arizona 03/24/2017 (Fan-Shot Video; Soundboard Vantage Point)

Written by Marc C. Pietrek 2017

The DECIBEL MAGAZINE 2017 TOUR slithered its way through the valley of the diamondback rattlers on March 24, 2017. Let there be no mistake: the two headlining acts, KREATOR and OBITUARY,  were the ones leaving the fang marks. Nothing against the support acts (MIDNIGHT and HORRENDOUS), but I was only going to see the headliners plus I needed to tend to a few matters after I got off work before I could head on out to the show at CLUB RED (a venue that I have really come to like quite a bit because of its conducive atmosphere for metal shows, a more than accommodating staff, layout and ample size).  From the onset of the music there was an element of intensity that I rarely see at metal club shows nowadays. So intense that two guys were going toe to toe with each other in the pit during the beginning of KREATOR’s set, each trying to land hay-makers. Have to admit, I rather liked seeing that ha ha.

After a speedy entry process into the club (always nice), I made my way up the left-hand side of the soundboard and got the best vantage point  available to record death metal legends, OBITUARY, The band members, not roadies, were nearly finished setting up their gear and going through their sound-check (no rock star attitudes with this band for sure). No more than ten minutes later, the lights went down. Perfect timing.

The Tardy brothers and company took stage and delivered an absolutely pulverizing set-list consisting of selections mainly from their now-classic first two alums, ”Slowly We Rot’ (1989) and ‘Cause Of Death’ (1990). Mixed in with those were two songs from their recently released tenth album, (the set-titled) OBITUARY,  and one from ‘Inked In Blood’ (2013). The death-metal-stomp-via-Florida-swamp they executed (pun intended) sounded even better than when I saw them last year around this same time, and they were ON FUCKING POINT that night! Not only were they tighter than a virgin’s trap door, their sound was spot on as well. Obvious highlights for me were “Chopped In Half” / “Turned Inside Out” and “Slowly We Rot”. If I had one complaint about the performance, it would be that the set-list was just not long enough. I also understand that they were not the top act on the bill and that is the reason for that.

OBITUARY has achieved its iconic status in the world of death metal by writing and performing bare-bones death metal that is all together simplistic, brutal and most of all, memorable. As I have said quite a few times before, they are the death metal equivalent to AC/DC. Nothing fancy and no need to be. They exited the stage, proving once again why they are considered death metal royalty.

After a brief intermission, Teutonic thrash metal Titans, KREATOR,  took the stage as the pre-recorded sounds of “Choir Of the Damned” filled the club. Immediately after that, it was “left lane, hammer down” time as they unleashed into “Hordes Of Chaos”, complimented by an array of colored lights and visual effects that would make PINK FLOYD smile.  The set-list consisted of songs from the recently released ‘Gods Of Violence (NUCLEAR BLAST 2017) as well as ‘Endless Pain’, ‘Pleasure to Kill’, ‘Flag Of Hate’, ‘Extreme Aggression’, ‘Coma Of Souls’, ‘Violent Revolution’, ‘Enemy Of God’, ‘Hordes Of Chaos’ and ‘Phantom Anti-Christ’. My only complaint is one that many old-school thrashers consistently bring up when seeing their heroes from it’s golden age: not enough songs from the first couple of albums. Not something I couldn’t get over though obviously. 

Their performance was so dialed-in, it was ridiculous. The sound was amazing even though I do not like that they are no longer using regular stage amplifiers (they are now plugging directly into the club’s sound system while touring abroad). (Guitarist/vocalist) Mille Petrozza still remains one of the genres best front-men as spews his utter contempt for society and the corruption that plagues it. Ventor is still holding his own behind the drum kit and playing as lights-out as ever. However, the brightest star of the entire evening was (lead guitarist) Sami Yli-Sirnio. This guys is a true thrash metal guitar bad ass who’s name is NEVER mentioned amongst its best players. His combination of technique and feel translates from studio to the stage flawlessly and pairs-up very well with Mille’s playing. Highlights of the performance were “Enemy Of God”, “Violent Revolution”, “Under the Guillotine” and the night’s closer, “Pleasure To Kill”. 

This show was one for the ages, as both KREATOR and OBITUARY proved that they are still lions in their respective scenes.  Father Time is undefeated and is the undisputed champion, this we all know. However, they are way deep in the game and have no intentions for walking off the field any time soon.  Cheers, ya rivet-heads!!

(Links to the videos of the bands performances posted on the A DRAK UNITED FRONT Facebook music fan page are listed directly below their respective set-lists)



01.) “Internal Bleeding”

02.) “Chopped In Half” / “Turned Inside Out”

03.) “Visions In My Head”

04.) “Find the Arise”

05.) ” ‘Til Death”

06.) “Don’t Care

07.) “Sentence Day”

08.) “Ten Thousand ways To Die”

09.) “Slowly We Rot”

OBITUARY – LIVE @ CLUB RED, Mesa, Arizona USA 04/24/2017 On the DECIBEL MAGAZINE 2017 TOUR


KREATOR Set-list:

(Intro) “Choir Of the Damned”

01.) “Hordes Od Chaos” (A Necroiouge For the Elite)

02.) “Phobia”

03.) “Satan Is Real”

04.) “Gods Of Violence”

05.) “People Of the Lie”

06.) “Total Death”


07.) “Phantom Antichrist”

08.) “Fallen Brother”

09.) “Enemy Of God”

10.)  “From Flood Into Fire”


11.) “World War Now”

12.) “Hail To the Hordes”

13.) “Extreme Aggression”

14.) “Civilization Collapse”



15.) “Violent Revolution”

16.) “Flag Of Hate”

17.) “Under the Gillotine”

18.) “Pleasure to Kill”

<“Death Becomes My light”>

KREATOR – LIVE @ CLUB RED, Mesa, Arizona USA 04/24/2017 On the DECIBEL MAGAZINE 2017 TOUR

KREATOR – “Violent Revolution” – LIVE @ CLUB RED, Mesa, Arizona USA 04/24/2017 On the DECIBEL MAGAZINE 2017 TOUR

KREATOR – “Flag Of Hate” and “Under the Guillotine” – LIVE @ CLUB RED, Mesa, Arizona USA 04/24/2017 On the DECIBEL MAGAZINE 2017 TOUR

Author: Marc Pietrek

I grew up in northern California during the 1980s and have been an AVID heavy metal fan since 1982. Having experienced the Bay Area thrash metal scene first hand, thrash metal will always be at my core, However, I am also a huge fan of death metal, doom metal, traditional heavy metal, stoner rock/metal and old-school black metal. If it concerns any of those sub-genres, (to borrow a quote from Christopher Walken in 'THE KING OF NEW YORK') "I want in on it!!". Cheers, ya rivet-heads!!

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