Written by Marc C. Pietrek 2017

Liverpool, England’s CONAN are straight-up primitive man war-hymnal doom metal. A band that conjures up mental visions of evil, blood-thirsty armies slaughtering each other in order to conquer and rule the wastelands by enslaving all of its weaker inhabitants. After beginning as a two-piece unit, CONAN morphed into a three-piece. They are Jon Davis on guitar and vocals, Phil Coumbe on bass and vocals and Paul O’Neil on drums. Be sure to visit their artist page on ( as well as on ( Check out the YouTube links below to listen to their three album releases to date.


Conan – Revengeance full album (2016)



Conan – Blood Eagle (FULL ALBUM) (2014)



Conan – Monnos LP (2012)




Author: Marc Pietrek

I grew up in northern California during the 1980s and have been an AVID heavy metal fan since 1982. Having experienced the Bay Area thrash metal scene first hand, thrash metal will always be at my core, However, I am also a huge fan of death metal, doom metal, traditional heavy metal, stoner rock/metal and old-school black metal. If it concerns any of those sub-genres, (to borrow a quote from Christopher Walken in 'THE KING OF NEW YORK') "I want in on it!!". Cheers, ya rivet-heads!!

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